About us

Thanks to all our customers for your support and all the people who keep up with our newsletter and Facebook page.

We are a small NZ family business originally from The Netherlands. We’ve lived in New Zealand for almost 12 years now and we love it here.

A little introduction of who we are:

Peter designs and makes the signs on his self made CNC machine and he’s generally the one answering all your questions. He is an engineer and a very clever man (says his partner)

Jentina (me) I’m helping out pretty much everywhere I can. Taking pictures, posting on FB, packaging orders etc. also the owner of Jentina Leather Creations

Yoran, our son made our website and he will update it with new signs and maintain it. He is also managing our advertising. If you need a website or marketing done he is the one: https://yorannap.com/

Jelmer, our other son will help us with all sorts of jobs when he is home from UNI.

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